So, you’ve decided that your old porcelain bathtub is starting to look pretty bad and it’s time to do something about it. Now it’s time to research your options.

Do I replace it?

Replacing your bathtub will require a contractor to remove your old tub which includes removal of the bottom layer of surround tile. This could be a problem if the tile is old or a special tile that may not be available any longer. The next hurdle is tub removal. In order to remove the old tub a plumber will have to shut off the water before tub demolition can start.

Once the tub is removed then a new tub can be installed, and the surround tile can be replaced. The process can take several days, and cost as much as $3000 just to replace a tub that may only cost $200.

Do I refinish it?

Refinishing a bathtub is the most popular and least expensive solution, not to mention the time your bathroom is out of commission is considerably less. The process involves cleaning, sanding, and spraying a special paint onto your bathtub.

OR you can pour a Premium Coating that will last for many years (btw… that’s what we do!)

Do I install a tub liner?

There is a 3rd option…installing a tub liner. Tub liners are a less expensive alternative to spraying or pouring, however beware of the potential problem. There are many shapes of a standard 5 foot bathtub. If your installer does not install a liner that fits exactly to the shape of your tub or does not caulk around the liner completely, your tub liner will start to allow water to seep in between the two and collect at the bottom of the tub. Over time you will start to notice an odor and the bottom of the liner can feel squishy.

Whatever option you choose it is important to do your homework and understand what you could be facing. Money, time, and quality.

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